Who Benefits


Simulate Growth Scenarios

Quickly and easily analyze feasibility on opportunities such as land annexation and better plan your City’s growth and infrastructure needs. Generate any number of possible growth scenarios at once and analyze the economic impacts on taxation, industry, and the population at large. Set alerts to notify you when economic trends or targets change by a specified amount.

Make Better Informed Decisions

Cities and Counties in particular have to make a wide array of governance decisions involving planning, zoning, and annexation, often with minimal data. With Geomancer, any City Council, government employee, or official can easily evaluate the impact a particular change would have on the City. This empowers our government users to have better stewardship over their communities and lands.


Our Platform

Geomancer is revolutionizing the way real estate is analyzed, evaluated, and forecasted and is taking a business sector that has been largely untouched by technology into the future.

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